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Get better deals for booking activities through your hotel. Depending on the activity and the hotel, you can receive up to 25% off select activities.

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Get additional on-property perks such as discounted food and beverages at the on-property restaurant.

Book through the resort

Book your activity through the resort and add it to your official on-property itinerary. No more worrying about doing too many activities.

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Pay using your hotel room number, and we will add it to your hotel bill at the end of your stay. No more multiple charges on your credit/debit card.

Please Note with Perks and Features: Not all features on this website are accepted or provided at our partner resort locations. We highly recommend you see what perks are offered at the resort where you are staying by selecting the resort from the options below. Please make sure you make a reservation in a way that allows you to receive the perk. For help with perks, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Our Specialty Partner Hotels

Kona Kai Resort San Diego

Kona Kai San Diego

Perched on the End of Shelter Island San Diego, Kona Kai is a relaxing boutique resort destined to be a visiting must. With several pools, a fantastic property restaurant, and more, it's no wonder this is a vacation dream.

Paradise Point Resort & hotel

Paradise Point Resort & Spa

Sitting by itself on Vacation Isle on Mission Bay, it offers amazing Island Vibes with a full-service bar and restaurant on the property, Pools, beaches, and, more conveniently, all on the resort property.

Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Marina

Sitting on its island in the sound and quiet part of San Diego Bay, Loews offers amazing on-property amenities. From a full-service marina to pools and a full-service sit-down dining restaurant.

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